EU will collapse soon. It is time for a chaos.  
22 января 2017

Great Britain has left EU and EU needs some time to recover. But what measures can we take? The concept of a bipolar world won after the Second World War. The USSR was developing and enrolling new satellite countries. What is more, the world capitalist system was formed. Then the European Union was created, first in the form of a European Economic Community. And the United Kingdom, Sweden and Austria were the parts of a free trade union. European Union began to develop faster when a single currency was created. United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Finland did not go on this way. Both European Union and Council for Mutual Economic Assistance developed in the same algorithm. European Union was created by the Socialists, the Soviet Union - by the Communists. Everything that was created after the Second World War has to die. Chaos and anarchy will start in the world.

Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the National Academy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
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