Soskin Oleh: Poroshenko is a sick person. He is ready for the sweep operation in Ukraine.  
8 января 2017

 Why Pororshenko and Kononenko visited SBU in late December? Probably it is connected with Onishchenko? Otherwise, which fact can disturb Poroshenko? Definitely not Svitlodarska duha. The mass murder of Ukrainian soldiers is not an issue for Poroshenko. His plan is to establish dictatorship in Ukraine. He is ready to use The Security Service of Ukraine with all its agents to achieve his goal. Moreover, this structure can help Poroshenko to beat his political opponents. We should understand that Poroshenko is a sick person, both physically and mentally. Diabetes seriously affects the mental and physical state of a person. Maryna Poroshenko also has a huge influence on her husband. Poroshenko is afraid of his wife, who has a mother complex. This is very dangerous for the whole country. Moreover, Poroshenko is not Ukrainian. He is ready to betray Ukraine in order to satisfy his bosses - Chabad Hasidic sect. Nowadays Poroshenko and Kononenko are elaborating some tricky plan.

Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the National Academy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
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