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Продаю квартиру. Apartment for sale. Gonchara street 43V

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Християнська сім’я серед викликів сучасності

Historical Background to Oles Gonchar street 43 V  
7 декабря 2016


Mykola Biliashivsky (24 October, 1867, Uman - 21 April 1926, Kiev) was a Ukrainian Archeologist, ethnographer and art historian. In 1899-1905 he published for his own expense "Archaeological Chronicle of Southern Russia (Ukraine)" («Ukraine» as a term was banned in Russian Empire).

In 1902-1923 years was founder and director of the Kyiv City Art, Industry and Science Museum.

In 1906 he was first elected to the State Duma, in which was a part of the Ukrainian parliamentary community.

In 1910 he became one of the founders of Kyiv Society for the Protection of ancient monuments and art, whose activities spread to all Ukrainian lands.

Conducted archaeological investigations of Volyn and Kyiv, the author of numerous works on archeology, numismatics, made a great contribution in the development of museums in Ukraine.

The history of the street.
During the last century Oles Gonchar street has changed seven different names after seven different famous people (from Vladimir to some great Ukrainian writers).
Until 1911 this street was named after Volodymyr the Great. A famous Prime Minister of the Russian Empire Pyotr Stolypin died from terrorist shots in the clinic on this street. After this, Volodymyr the Great Street was named after Stolypin.
In 1939 the street was named after Chkalov. On this street the year before the people of Kiev greeted the car with a famous pilot Chkalov, who has arrived to the Union automobile competition. Chkalov achieved several milestones in Aviation. In 1936 and 1937, he participated in several ultra long flights, including a 63-hour flight from Moscow, Soviet Union to Vancouver, Washington, United States via the North Pole on an Tupolev ANT-25plane (June 18–20, 1937), a non-stop distance of 8,811 kilometres (5,475 mi). The flight pioneered the polar air route from Europe to the American Pacific Coast.
In 1996 the city authorities have decided on naming the former Chkalov Street after Oles Gonchar. This Ukrainian and Soviet writer and public figure was fighting for the reinstatement of the Ukrainian culture in the Soviet society after its abolition by the establishment. He also was a veteran of the World War II and member of the Ukrainian parliament.
Awards and prizes of Oles Gonchar: Civil Stalin Prize (1948), for the first two books of the novel "Guide-on Bearers" (1946–47) Stalin Prize (1949), for the third book of the novel "Guide-on Bearers" (1948) National Shevchenko Prize (1962), for novel "Person and weapon" (1960) Lenin Prize (1964), for novel "Tronka" (1963) Hero of Socialist Labor (March 31, 1978), for great achievements in development of Soviet literature, productive public work, and in regard to the sixtieth birthday of the writer Oles Honchar by the order of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union (Order of Lenin and medal of Sickle and Mallet) USSR State Prize (1982), for novel "Your dawn" (1980) Hero of Ukraine (2005), posthumously Gold medal of Alexander Fadeyev S.Nejman Prize (Czech Republic) Military Order of the Patriotic War, I degree (1985) Order of Red Star Order of Glory, III degree Medal For Courage (3 medals) Medal for overtaking Belrin.

Historical information
Security number
Building is in a more or less normal state, although the facade needs minor repairs. There is graffiti on the side of the house and a lot of air conditioners on the facade. There is an extension on the back of the house. There are also several balconies in this building.

The presence of the security agreement

Date of creation
Gonchara 43 V is included in the list of monuments


List of attractions
Shevchenko district
Year occurrence / detection

the end of the 1890s, 1910s (superstructure); cinema. 1930 (completion), 1968 (extension)
Gonchara 43 V


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