Путин закончит зачистку Сирии, а потом вместе с армией Ирана войдет в Украину: ракеты на Киев уже нацелены

Війна Путіна проти України: 4 варіанти розвитку подій

Надія Савченко: церковні ієрархи повинні врятувати цю мужню дівчину від самогубства


Балто-Чорномор'я - майбутнє України в системі первородного хаосу

Военное положение не увеличит количество самолетов и не добавит ума генералам

УНКП вимагає негайної відставки Наталії Яресько з посади міністра фінансів!


Продаю квартиру. Apartment for sale. Gonchara street 43V

EU will collapse soon. It is time for a chaos.

Християнська сім’я серед викликів сучасності

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How to put an end to humiliation of the Ukrainians on the Polish, Slovak and Hungarian borders?

Ukrainians stay in terrible queues on the borders in order to visit European countries - Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. The infrastructure at the border crossing points is in deplorable state. So what the specialized ministers – Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin and Minister of Infrastructure Omelian do in this time? Where is the Head of the State Border Guard Service Nazarenko? Where is the responsible for the work of customs Nasirov? Gennady Moskal is the Head of Zakarpatye regional public administration and Sinutka is the Head of Lviv regional public administration, but where are those people and why they do not take any measures? Or they are only able to build new stores "Roshen" and care about their private interests? What should we do to solve the problem on the borders? Bring army, storm the border or administration? Or make a corridor for the Russian troops, so that they come to the border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary? Have Slovaks, Hungarians, Poles forgotten the days of the Soviet occupation? Have they forgotten how Soviet tanks crushed them on the squares of Budapest and Prague? Don’t they realize that Ukrainians die every day to stop the Russian army and to block their way to Slovak, Polish and Hungarian borders? Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the National Academy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
30 августа
19 августа
15 августа

Big race war starts in USA

Armed incident in Milwaukee shows that the number of racial conflicts in USA increases. Nowadays racial situation in USA is very complicated. Racial conflicts are becoming more widespread and permanent. If you watch the video from the racial conflict in Milwaukee, we will see tremendous hatred of the black race to the police (where most representatives are White). One of the most important consequences of the conflict would be strengthening of differentiation and segregation in USA. The white population will migrate to those states where it would be dominant. Black population will increase in big industrial cities like Detroit. There is 37% of White population and 40% of Black population in Milwaukee. 50% is critical point. If the percentage of black-skinned population will be more than 50%, financial and economic crisis will start in this metropolis. Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the NationalAcademy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
14 августа

Is Putin preparing for the occupation of Estonia?

Estonia is the largest irritant for Putin; he is ready to “devour» it. Moreover, there is a mystical-sacred connotation, that Putin likes most. How can he seizure Estonia? Clearly, this shouldn’t be an external aggression, but an internal rebellion of Russian-speaking population. Ida-Viru County is a perfect option: its total area is 3.3 thousand kilometers with a population of 107 thousand of Russians and only 28 thousand Estonians. If the uprising starts, Estonia will not be able to protect this county. Putin knows how to organize such uprisings. Sacral-mystical symbol is that that this county is bordered by Lake Peipsi, where Alexander Nevsky defeated the troops of the Livonian Order in 1242. Putin really wants to become Alexander Nevsky, if not Alexander Makedonsky. After occupation of Ida-Viru County Tallinn and the Harjumaa County will be the next (consists of 33% of Russains). Can anyone protect small Estonia from big aggressor? Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the NationalAcademy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
9 августа
9 августа
8 августа

Negrostan is established in Kyiv

For the last couple of years, too many Negroes moved to Kyiv. What has happened? Is it true, that illegal migrants are massively resettled into Kyiv? Who has approved this? Maybe Poroshenko and Kononenko get money for each Negro? Wherever you go in Kyiv you can see black-skinned people. It seems that Kyiv is being transformed into Africa or Negrostan. Don’t we understand, what will happen next? Let’s let the Islamists also migrate to Ukraine, while Poroshenko is having holidays in Malaysia and Indonesia. For sure, during this trip he is checking how his offshore company in Labuan is going. After that Ukrainians will have to go to the concentration camps and work on foreigners. Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the NationalAcademy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party
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