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Muraev's words can not be left without consequences, it looks like a part of special operation  
6 декабря 2017



Extraordinary event happened in Ukraine on 30th of November. During broadcast of his privately owned TV channel, people's deputy Muraev made a public announcement that Revolution of Dignity did not happen in Ukraine, but trivial coup d`Etat. I am deliberately stressing the fact that this message was made by people's deputy, major official of the state, who is in control of the highest legislative power in the country (as member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Parliament), not some random person. Essentially, he disgraced million of Ukrainians, violated them. So either he is the representative of fifth column of collaborators in Ukraine, received n order from his Moscow masters to begin seditious activity against Ukrainian people and country, or he said that just being in temper, not understanding the consequences. There is no third option. Either he is a secret agent with corresponding mission from Moscow, or may be Medvedchuk (Putin's and Medvedev's family compadre) ordered him to do that, either he performed poorly politically, being so infantile and short-sighted. Which consequences would be appropriate? Muraev has to make public apology on his TV channel and in Verkhovna Rada, so it would be transmitted by all TV channels. He has to sat that those words were wrong, foolish, just popped out, that he was meaning to say that after Revolution of Dignity there was a counter-revolution, so Poroshenko came to power with other bandits. If he will not make public apology until 5th of December, procedural committee has to begin investigation of Muraev's sayings. If he still will not make public apology, he will be obliged to abandon his ownership of his TV channel. Any decent people, who work on the channel, must leave their jobs there, because millions of Ukrainians were publicly humiliated. Muraev delivered an enormous blow to families that lost their children and husbands, scores of thousands of wounded, hundreds of thousands, who came through war, who are protecting Ukraine from Moscow-Khazar assault. Criminal investigation of Muraev's actions has to be initiated. If Muraev will insist on his words, Poroshenko must abolish his (Muraev's) citizenship, because a traitor of Ukraine can not be Ukrainian citizen. These are measures that must happen after events on 30th of November. It is evident that such an announcement can not be just forgotten, left without consequences, because if Muraev will not be persecuted or punished, fifth column of collaborators, traitors of Ukrainian people will emerge in open fashion on the political arena. We may theorize that Medvedchuk is behind all of this, may be he controls NewsOne. If this is special operation, Inter TV Channel (Levochkin) and “Ukrayina” TV Channel (TV channel, named “Ukraine”, owned by Akhmetov), and some others, could follow with similar actions.

Swift action is necessary here. Events around Muraev show that Poroshenko must leave his position of the President of Ukraine voluntarily as soon as possible, because he was leading the counter-revolution in Ukraine. It was him and his group that caused the situation, when supporters of Yanukovych, Azarov and other Moscow-leaning people got stronger.

Oleg Soskin


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