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"Народний капіталізм: економічна модель для України" Олега Соскина в английской версии

Продаю квартиру. Apartment for sale. Gonchara street 43V

Oleh Soskin: Putin and Trump are two inadequate politicians. Both are able to start a nuclear war.   
3 января 2017

Regarding the consequences of the Presidential elections in USA, I can assume that Trump is a rogue and a swindler. In fact, Trump has lost the elections. If we talk about the objective of democracy, Clinton «outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), according to revised and certified final election results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia». This is a great defeat. But thanks to the existing problems of the electoral system in the United States, Trump managed to become the President of the USA.

A second key factor, which signifies that Trump is a swindler, is his cooperation with Russian Federation, headed by Putin, a dictator who broke international law. Russian Federation definitely had a great impact on Trump, even though this country is US strategic opponent and civilizational rival.
Thus, Trump has intentionally or unintentionally used Putin's services to win the Presidential elections in USA. Trump took the advantages given him by the leader of the rival country. Moreover, Russian Federation attacked the United States Information Resources. Information servers of Democratic Party were hidden. State-level terrorist attack has occurred in USA. Russian Federation was interested in his pro-Russian agent in the governmental structures of the USA, so it has attacked Clinton in order to help Trump become a President.
But in this case, the election results should be invalidated. Trump's team acted as swindlers. It is not the first time for Trump to achieve his goals by using unfair methods of competition. It is practically intolerable, but theoretically permitted in business. But such methods are totally unacceptable for the most influential state in the world.
Trump is a traitor as he used Russian help to win. He became the agent of Kremlin. Therefore, it is necessary to annul the election results and to hold new. It is unprecedented that an agent of Moscow's influence became the President of United States. Probably Trump thinks that he will be able to become independent from Putin. But the recent events have proved that he is already under control of Putin. Trump opposes Ukraine and looks for a mechanism to discard the sanctions against RF. We should remember that he has experienced bankruptcy for seven times. Trump is a totally inadequate person. He is dangerous for the world, as Trump could plunge the entire world into nuclear war.
 Oleh Soskin, Director of the Institute of Society Transformation, Professor of the National Academy of Management, Head of the Ukrainian National Conservative Party

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